marine-rotc-scholarshipThere are a variety of scholarship opportunities for those who wish to pursue a career with the Marine ROTC Program.


Four-Year Scholarship will cover:

  • Full tuition at one of the listed colleges or universities
  • All colleges/university educational fees
  • Stipend for text books
  • Provide all uniforms
  • Three summer cruises
  • Subsistence allowance each academic month

To be eligible for the scholarship program one must:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Have graduated high school or possess a GED by August 1st of the anticipated entrance to the ROTC 4 year Scholarship Program.
  • Must be physically fit enough to pass the standard Marine fitness test that includes a three mile run for time, treat sit-ups, approved and dead hang pull-ups for males/flexed armed-hang for females.
  • Have no criminal record either in civilian or military life.
  • Have no personal or moral ideals that will prevent the conscientious bearing of arms, recipe and supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign, or domestic.
  • Have applied and gained admission to an approved ROTC college or university.
  • Be 17 years of age by September 1st of the year starting college and less than 23 years of age on June 30th of that year.  Applicants must not have reached their 27th birthday by June 30th of the year in which college graduation and commissioning are anticipated.  Applicants who have prior active duty military service may be eligible for age adjustments for the amount of time equal to their prior service, on a month-for-month basis, for a maximum of 36 months, provided they do not reach their 30th birthday by June 30th of the year in which graduation and commissioning are anticipated.
  • Achieve a qualifying score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT), or the American College Test (ACT).   The SAT math and critical reading scores must be from the same and most recent test.  Applicants cannot combine their best math and critical reading scores from the SAT to achieve the qualifying score for application. (Marine Corps Option only).

SAT: 1000 Combination of Math and Critical Reading Only
ACT minimum composite score of 22
Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT): 74


Students with more than 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours of college credit upon application are not eligible for four-year ROTC scholarships.

The length of scholarship benefits is determined upon the student’s degree plan.  Students will only receive scholarship benefits for the time required to complete a four year degree.



ROTC College Program

  • Students already attending or accepted by colleges with ROTC programs are eligible.
  •  Pays for uniforms and instructional fees for naval science courses
  • College Program students selected for “advanced standing” receives a stipend for maximum of 20 months. Advance standing is only available starting the junior year of college. Stipend per academic month is $350 junior year and $400 senior year.
  • Students will complete naval science, standard university, and university specific courses.  There is one summer training session.

o   Normally at sea for Navy midshipmen

o   Normally at Quantico, VA for Marine Corps midshipmen

  • If accepted, two-year applicants will attend the six-and-a-half week Naval Science Institute program in Newport, RI during the summer between sophomore and junior years.
  • On graduation, two- and four-year College Program midshipmen may be commissioned ensigns in the Naval Service or second lieutenants in the Marine Corps



THE FREDERICK C. BRANCH LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP Program is named in honor of the first African American Marine Corps officer who was commissioned as a second lieutenant (2ndLt) on 10 November 1945.  This scholarship is available at the 17 Historically Black Colleges and Universities affiliated with ROTC.  The Four-Year program is open to civilians and Marines and the three and two year program is open to civilians and College Program Midshipmen that are attending or have been accepted and will attend a ROTC affiliated HBCU.  This program is not open to U.S. Navy Scholarship Midshipmen or Marines in an Active Reserve status.  Any eligible male or female of any race or ethnic background may be awarded a Frederick C. Branch Scholarship.  Eligibility is determined primarily by attendance at an HBCU.  Scholarships and benefits are the same as those of any ROTC Marine Option Scholarship student.